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Where can I listen to the Dekahedron RPG podcast?

Our episodes are hosted at Spotify for Podcasters. You can also find them using the following services:

The show should also appear in your favorite podcatcher’s search results. If it doesn’t, please let us know. If you can manually add an RSS feed, use

If all else fails, you can always listen right here:

What is the Dekahedron RPG podcast?

Dekahedron is my podcast where I talk about my love of the tabletop RPG hobby.

It is released twice weekly, and each episode tries to be no more than 30 minutes long. Sometimes I get carried away, though.

The RPG topics range from OSR gameplay ideas, to newer games like Fudge and Dungeon World. I also discuss things table etiquette, and give honest RPG reviews.

The show is 100% ad free, and we never beg for your money.

Why the name “Dekahedron”?

The short version is that I already owned the domain name.

The long version is that I once wrote a public domain RPG. Because that game only used d10's, I named it Dekahedron. I picked the Greek deka- just to make it more searchable, trademark-able, and because he could get the domain name.

When are new episodes released?

New content episodes are released every Wednesday.

New feedback episodes are released every Friday.

Where can I leave feedback?

Do you like the written word? Send email to or even text us at the number below.

Do you like group discussions? Join the P.L.A.Y. web forums and leave your feedback there.

Prefer to speak? You have a few options:

Method Link Max
Web 1 Minute Works internationally. Doesn’t require an account.
Web 1 Minute Works internationally. I think that this no longer requires a Spotify account.
Telephone 562 RPG-CAST
3 Minutes You can leave a voicemail or send a text message. Requires you to call/txt a U.S. Number.
E-mail Any* You need to record the message using your favorite app, and then send the file as an attachment in an e-mail. While the length is in theory unlimited, please keep it under 3 minutes.

Who is the host?

Joe is the podcast’s owner and main host. Joe has been gaming since the late 1970’s and began with the Holmes edition of Dungeons & Dragons. He quickly discovered that he liked DM'ing more than playing. Over time he discovered that he leans heavy towards low-crunch, rules-light games.

He writes a blog called the “Vagabond GM,” and is also the co-author of “Grimtooth’s Traps Too and Fudge,” appearing in the 2006 reprint of Flying Buffalo’s Grimtooth’s Traps Too.

Joe lives near Niagara Falls with his wife and a garden gnome.

Additonally the show has some recurring guests:

Who designed that logo?

The logo was conceived by Joe, who has the artistic ability of a drowning badger. The actual work was done by the very talented designkat.

What is the theme music?

The podcast's theme is “The Britons” by Kevin MacLeod who generously placed it into the public domain. (He also makes great graph paper!)

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