Dekahedron: The Rules

This is draft version 7.1106 of the rules for Dekahedron. This document is not complete; some sections are written, but others are just presented as an outline while others are blank. Even so, there is sufficient information for you to start playing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Dekahedron is designed strictly to serve as a rule set or RPG engine. In other words, it is meant to enable the GM or world designer to use these rules for any gaming world. As a result, the rules are intentionally barren of world-specific rules. For example, you will find information regarding how much damage a sword does, but there's no rule for how much a sword costs. This is because a sword might cost a king's ransom on a low-tech world where metals are scarce, and be dirt cheap in a far future age where making a sword might be as simple as saying Computer, one broadsword. Also, different game worlds will have different concepts of currency. Some might use the familiar gold/silver/bronze system, while others might use shells and acorns. All these details are left for the world-designer with no baggage to get in his way.

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