Appendix B. Strengths

Strenth Cost Description
Both-Handed 1 You are ambidextrous. Your left hand is as good as your right hand, and vice-versa.
Danger Sense 2 You know when something bad is going to happen. This helps you avoid nasty surprises.
Eagle Eyed 0.5* You have very sharp vision at distances. Along with the obvious advantages, each level of this strength (up to 3, max) allows you to increase your aimed weapon's range increment by 1. You can be both far-sighted and eagle-eyed, but this strength can not be combined with near-sighted.
Golden Ears 0.5* You have good hearing. Each level of Golden Ears gives you a +1 on any roll involving listening.
High Pain Threshold 0.5* Whenever you have to make a will (or other) roll to resist the effects of pain, each level of this strength will give you a +1 to your roll.
High-Born 1
Hot Stuff 0.5* You look good. For every level of Hot Stuff, you gain a +1 to Seduction attempts. For every 2 levels you gain a +1 on all other social skills when dealing with easily-impressed people (of which the world is full).
Internal Calculator 0.5 You're an arithmetic genius. You can quickly solve math problems in your head.
Internal Clock 0.5 You can intuitively tell the passage of time.
Internal Compass 0.5 You have an intuitive ability to determine which direction you're facing, even if your eyes are closed. You also have a very good sense of movement, in that you can detect twists and turns and speed, even if you're blindfolded.
Literate 1* You can read and write. If you live in a culture where this is the norm, then this costs nothing.
Photographic Memory 2 You have the ability to memorize anything you study. Note, however, that rote memorization is not the same as understanding.

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