Appendix C. Weaknesses

You're physically and/or mentally addicted to a substance (or activity) that is bad for you. Alcohol is perhaps the most common substance. You will deny that you have a problem, and you will take to hiding your activity if you need to. You will engage in your behavior whenever the opportunity presents itself, unless you have an extremely good reason not to, and even that will require a Will Power roll. The difficulty level required depends on the strength of the reason. Examples are provided here:
Reason Difficulty
Performing routine guard duty in friendly territory
Animal Lover:
You love animals just as much as you love humans, if not more. You're the type of person that would rush into a burning building to rescue a cat, even if it's someone else's cat. You would no more allow a pack animal to be left behind than a fellow adventurer. In all ways you must treat animals with at least the same respect you would show a fellow human. Note that this does not require you to be a vegetarian, but you can never eat a animal that you've "known".
Bad Liar:
You can't lie. Even when you try, people never believe you. You get a -3 on all fast talk rolls, and you can never take fast talk as an area of expertise.
Whoops! You tend to drop things, especially at the most inopportune times. Whenever you make a fighting roll, and the unmodified dice roll is 5 or less, you drop your weapon, even if you won the round! Furthermore, any time you handle something delicate, important, or expensive, you must roll 2d10. If the result is 5 or less, then you drop the item!
Dishonorable Reputation:
You have a reputation for not being honorable. Whether or not the reputation is deserved is another matter! People who know your reputation will tend to distrust you.
You like fire. You like to burn things. You love to stare into the flame. You will always rush to light the campfire, and will feed it more fuel than it needs. You receive a -3 to all your observation rolls whenever there is a fire present.
Members of your own species find you sexually unappealing. You get a -3 on any seduction attempt, and people generally tend to react less positively towards you. You also tend to get noticed, and people will be more likely to remember you and be able to identify you.
You are a man of your word. You will never willingly violate your word once given.
You are constantly horny, and not very choosy. You will never even try to resist a seduction attempt, unless you are absolutely certain that there is a good reason to, and even then you have a -3 penalty to your will power.
You're a thief. Maybe you don't want to be, but you can't help it. Whenever you encounter something interesting and you have the opportunity, you will try to steal it.
Light Sensitive:
Your eyes are very sensitive to the light. Lighting equivalent to (or brighter than) full daylight hurts the character's eyes. The blinding distraction will cause all skill rolls to suffer a -3 penalty. The penalty continues even after leaving the light, until the eyes adjust.
Night Blindness:
Your vision is almost useless in the dark. You receive a -3 to all skill rolls involving vision when light is about the same as twilight. The penalty increases to -6 when the lighting is the equivalent of a clear, moon-lit night sky!
You don't trust people. You tend to think people are lying all the time.
Tortured Soul:

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