Appendix D. Ancient Hand-Held Weapons

Name Reach Damage Description
Axe, Great   7  
Axe, Hand   6  
Axe, Long   7 A 4.5-foot pole with a big axe head. Historically used by the Vikings. Weighs about 5 pounds. Requires 2-hands to use.
Axe, Small   4 A hatchet
Axe, Throwing   6  
Bastard Sword (1 hand)   5  
Bastard Sword (2 hands)   6  
Blackjack   2  
Bodkin 0 2 A small stabbing weapon.
Brass Knuckles   2  
Broadsword   5 The classic sword of history and fantasy. About 2.5 feet long and weighs in at 5 pounds.
Claymore   7  
Club   4 A heavy piece of wood swung at the opponent. Used one handed.
Dagger     See Bodkin or Knife, Large.
Fist 0 1 Used for punching. Rather handy because it can almost never be dropped.
Flail   6  
Gladius 18 inches 4 The classic Roman short sword. Two feet long and about 1.75 pounds.
Javelin   4  
Knife, Small     See Bodkin
Knife, large   3  
Longsword     See broadsword.
Mace   5 About 2.5 feet long, and weighing in at about 4.5 pounds, this crushing weapon is a fantasy favorite.
Mace, Small   4  
Maul   6  
Morningstar   5  
Pick   6  
Quarterstaff 3 feet 4 A six-foot long pole without a stabby bit on the end. Can be swung, though, which is more effective than poking. Requires 2 hands to use.
Scythe   6  
Spear (1 hand)   5 A 5 foot long pole with a sharp stabby bit on the end.
Spear (2 hands)   6  
Sword, Broad     See broadsword.
Sword, Two-Handed     See Claymore.
Sword, short     See Gladius
Warhammer   9  

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