Appendix E. Ancient Ranged Weapons

Name Range Step Damage Description
Axe, Throwing 2 5  
Bow, Composite 50 6 A bow made of layers of wood, bone, sinew, etc. Dates to the 23rd-Century BC. More effective than the long bow, but very difficult (and therefore expensive) to build.
Bow, Long     See Longbow.
Bow, Self 50 3 This a normal wooden bow, not as long as the longbow.
Bow, Short     See Bow, Self.
Crossbow 60 8 A heavy steel crossbow. Due to the long reload times, characters only get one shot every 6 rounds!
Crossbow, Hand 15 2 This is a fantasy weapon; it never really existed. Nonetheless, some players think it's just cool. A little hand-held crossbow. It doesn't have much of a draw weight, but it can be fired every round if the bolts are handy.
Javelin 10 4 Lighter-weight version of the spear.
Knife, Large 3 2  
Knife, Small 5 1  
Longbow 40 5 The English longbow. Developed in the mid-13th Century. Too big to be used from horseback.
Short Bow     See "Bow, Self".
Shotgun 25 9 No, not an ancient weapon. Just provided for comparison purposes.
Sling 70 3 A piece of leather used to hurl golf-ball sized stones. Romans thought slingers were more dangerous than archers, but that slingers could not be trained in a cost-effective manner. Instead the Roman slingers were all conquered barbarians who grew up using the sling. To simulate this difficulty of learning in game terms, say that a sling is at -6 (instead of -3) when used without expertise. Buying one level of expertise brings the penalty down to -3, and the a second level of expertise will allow the use of the sling at the slinger's full Aiming skill.
Spear 6 5 A long stick with a metal pointy bit attached to one end, balanced for throwing.

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