Appendix F. Ancient Armor

The following table lists some common ancient armors and their armor values. Game Masters and world-designers can use these samples to extrapolate value for other type of armor. Because futuristic armor depends on the world designer's vision, no samples are provided.

Remember that the values listed here are added to the wearer's basic armor value (normally 1 for a human).

Name Armor Value Description
Shield 1 This is the basic hand-held shield; this is the only armor that can be used in conjunction with other armor. Remember that using a shield in conjunction with a weapon requires an AoE for the appropriate fighting style, or the user will suffer a -3 non-expertise penalty.
Quilted 1 This is armor made of of cloth and filled with fibers to cushion the effects of weapons.
Leather 2 The is a thinner version of quilted armor, with a hard leather facing designed to deflect blows.
Ring 3 This is leather armor with metal rings sewn to it in order to decrease the chance of a sword or spear poking through it.
Scale 4 This is leather armor with a bunch of metal plates sewn to it. The metal plates often resemble the scale of a fish. It provides more metal coverage than rings, with a corresponding increase in weight.
Chain 5 A series of interlocking metal rings that forms a metal cloth, that's worn over the quilted armor. Fairly weighty, but flexible.
Segmentata 6 A favorite of the Roman empire. They did away with the leather altogether and had metal strips (or bands) running across the width of the body. The overlapping strips (or bands) still allowed free movement.
Breastplate, bronze 7 This armor goes as far back as the Greeks. Amazingly heavy, and rigidly uncomfortable.

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